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Angie & Tammy

' 4-String Jam '

Angie and Tammy live show

About Us.

Angie & Tammy

' 4 - String Jam '

Hello & Merry Meet! We are Angie & Tammy. We are Novice Ukulele Enthusiasts. We like to livestream on FaceBook and upload to our YouTube Channel: ((  We like to have a fun time and interact with our audience, but don't expect perfection ... we are raw and unpolished, slip-ups, oopsie-daisies and all. We're a couple of born-and-bred, cornbread-fed, deep-fried Southern Lasses living it cool up in New England.


I, Angie, also known as Wynter Ravyn, am from Arkansas. I not only pick a bit on the Ukulele, but I also "tickle the ivories" a tad, just not very well. I like to draw and I've uploaded heaps of artwork here & there -- from way back in the day of Yahoo Groups to MySpace to FaceBook ((some got lost when Yahoo Groups closed, others are still on MySpace, a lot is still unposted, etc)). I am crazy about critters, especially cats and creepy-crawlies. I'd love to visit both Australia and Scotland, go to Australia Zoo and meet the Irwin Family, BUT also Jane Goodall and David Attenborough in the UK. I'm Pagan and very passionate about Spirituality -- I'd love to tour lots of magickal places!


Tammy is from Texas. She is new to the Ukulele and has a long way to go, but we'll get there together. She has always loved music and enjoys singing. She comes from a long line of church-hymnal-singing folks from West Texas. While she's no longer affiliated as such, her love of music remains strong and true. She has a creative vibe about her, whether it is singing or crafts. As a "Maker," she uses many tools for her endeavor, which include paper, vinyl, sewing & embroidery and 3D Printing & Graphics. She is a perusing follower of Science and Space and she also enjoys mathematics and thusly creations.


Together we seem to bring out the best in each other and enjoy playing and singing for our followers, each other, and for ourselves individually. We hope to begin touring *when* we get a Skoolie ((RV or Conversion Van)). We also LOVE GeoCaching!


Angie & Tammy

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